Hoover Racing is your source for authentic scale drivers.  We hired a professional miniatures sculptor to make the molds. The drivers are molded in one piece including torso, head with helmet, and life jacket. The detail is so incredible that you can see the laces on the life jacket. The arms come separate so that you can adjust them to fit the wheel. You get to paint the drivers to match your boat. 

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Hardware and Props

Hoover Racing is also your source for all required hardware. We have struts and rudders that are modified to stand up to the torque of 1/4 scale gasoline power. We also have custom tuned exhaust pipes for all of the popular engines.

We have done extensive research to make sure our propellers are quick out of the corners and fast on top end. Ask us about our "Gearbox Prop."  

PurePower Lubricants

Hoover Racing is the west coast distributor of PurePower  Lubricants for the hobby industry.

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