Hydro Gallery

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These are some examples of the early round nose hydros. They were often referred to as shovel nose. We have different models based on both the Jones and the Carlson originally designed race boats. There are subtle differences. Call us for more details.

Miss Bardahl U-40 Miss Bardahl U-40 Side
Ryan's Carlson Roundnose Side
Ryan's Jones Roundnose
Ryan's Roundnose Carlson Design
Miller Roundnose Jones Design
U-2 Roundnose Jones Design
Lite Roundnose

The first pickle forks were developed with the driver sitting at the rear behind the engine compartment.

Excide Picklefork
Batman's Picklefork
Picklefork Jones Design

The Pay&Pak is a classic racer. This is a 1/8 scale model. We also produce a very popular Rigger Model.

Ryan Rigger

No collection is complete without a latest generation model. They feature modern picklefork design with forward driver cockpits and enclosed canopies. We have models based on the Bud Racing Team, and the Winston Eagle. Both are real eye catchers.

Camel Hydro
Tide Hydro
Winston Eagle
Miller Hydro

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